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A salute and an excerpt from “Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year”

I’ve been picking my way through re-reading Anne Lamott’s book “Operating Instructions”. I’m thoroughly enjoying it this evening, despite it’s bleak moments. Being a mom of any stripe is an incredibly noble and challenging job, but to be a single mom, to do it totally alone — I can hardly fathom it, yet so many women do it and do it superbly. I’m an awe of them and their strength. I salute all the moms doing it on their own!

An excerpt (warning: part of the author’s charm is her vulgarity):

Excerpt from the book "Operating Instructions"



Showing off our tiny baby bump while cheering on Grace at the Chicago marathon

We’ve been discussing name possibilities for years now. But we still can’t quite figure it out — how do you know which name is the right fit? You don’t name a pet before you have it, so how do you name a baby before you meet him? We’ve considered Henry, Hank, Charlie, Ernest, and many others.

Theo and Archer are our top contenders.

What are your thoughts? Pros? Cons?

Pancake’s photo shoot: 20 weeks

While our fetus was only known to us as an “it”, we named that it Pancake. Here’s some of Pancake’s photos from our 20-week ultrasound.

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It’s a blog!

Camping at Land Between the Lakes, October 2011

about 23 weeks - camping at Land Between the Lakes, October 2011

I didn’t think I’d ever be blogging. But then I saw a Jimmy Kimmel comedy skit about unfriending your Facebook friends who post pictures of their pets. Uh-oh.

Increasingly I find our world of home, family, and adorable cats to be far more entertaining and engaging than far away vacations or wild nights at the bar. And now that we are beginning our wildest adventure yet (i.e. figuring out how to beĀ  parents), I realize most of Facebook will find the posts from my motherhood universe to be lame.

The purpose of this blog is to share our parenting adventures and all of the missteps, discoveries, resources, and cute photos along the way.