Adventures along the journey to parenthood

A few more holiday photos…

bouquet of gifts

Christmas dinner with Ted's parents

Ted's favorite gift --- no pressure Pancake!

the kitty babies napping in the crib

Another great Christmas tree - one of my favorite things about the holidays. An elderly woman sells them out of her yard a few blocks from us.

A holiday portrait of Grace and her babies... our last year of the traditional Christmas overnight and morning at our parents' house.


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    Doesn’t have to be last year … we spent many a Christmas at my parents and the best JOY was sharing those first moments of wonder with them … and yes, having Christmas in my own home did have to wait and our traditions came later, but I would not change a thing. Uncle Jimmy even brought Mom over and so we were able to share those moments with both families … sheer joy! Then toss in my Granny Applegate and we were complete. Just know you can share until older and then have grandparents come to you … so lucky being in same city. Both work and both are wonderful! No wrong/right when it comes to love and family.

    December 28, 2011 at 10:30 am

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