Adventures along the journey to parenthood

Overdue photos of our cute kid!

P1040842 P1040848 P1040858 P1040865 P1040891 P1040897 P1040913 P1040944 P1040955 P1040962 P1040963 P1040965 P1040975 P1040976 P1040990 P1040991 P1040995 P1040996 P1050002 P1050007 P1050011 P1050026

Archer Lee is:

16 months old

25.5 pounds

100% fun and full of  non-stop energy

We’re getting to know all the city parks and playgrounds very well. He loves to climb and tumble, especially on us.

He enjoys:

Finding “hiding places”

Helping put away groceries

Reading books

Petting the cats

Pointing out airplanes

Watching cars

Snuggling his blanket

Playing in water

Giving hugs



One response


    I love these pictures. Archer is quite photogenic…and so cute.

    June 17, 2013 at 9:19 pm

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