Adventures along the journey to parenthood


Overdue photos of our cute kid!

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Archer Lee is:

16 months old

25.5 pounds

100% fun and full of  non-stop energy

We’re getting to know all the city parks and playgrounds very well. He loves to climb and tumble, especially on us.

He enjoys:

Finding “hiding places”

Helping put away groceries

Reading books

Petting the cats

Pointing out airplanes

Watching cars

Snuggling his blanket

Playing in water

Giving hugs



New adventures and new photos!

Now that we’re all recovering from the shock of the first two weeks, we’re having some fun! We’ve been lucky to have beautiful weather ever since Archer’s birth. This means trips to the zoo, Waterfront park, various grandparents’ houses, as well as walks in the neighborhood, fires in the backyard, and reading on the porch. Archer really enjoys being outdoors and going for walks. We’ve also learned that he love bath time and I think he’s looking forward to swimming judging by the way he kicks his legs in the tub.

Check out the slideshow for photos with lots of family and from our various adventures:

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A few more holiday photos…

bouquet of gifts

Christmas dinner with Ted's parents

Ted's favorite gift --- no pressure Pancake!

the kitty babies napping in the crib

Another great Christmas tree - one of my favorite things about the holidays. An elderly woman sells them out of her yard a few blocks from us.

A holiday portrait of Grace and her babies... our last year of the traditional Christmas overnight and morning at our parents' house.

Merry Christmas, from Pancake

Christmas day marks 7 months of pregnancy — and that means there’s only 9 more weeks to go! It’s hard to believe he’ll be here so soon. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Pancake has been especially busy moving and grooving today. Either he’s really excited about Christmas or really excited about all the sugar I’ve been eating. 🙂 One night this past week was the first time we could definitely tell he was responding to us: Ted would place his hand on different areas of my belly and Pancake would follow his movements by pushing into Ted’s hand. Every movement is wonderful. My parents felt his movements for the first time today and I’m continually charmed by how excited my mother-in-law Missy gets each time she feels him squirm. Her mouth drops open and she gives me this look of amazement every time – she sat with her hand on my belly throughout an entire movie tonight. We’re excited to be interacting with our boy.

I got several wonderful gifts today, but the ones that brought me the most joy were the baby clothes, diapers and baby toy (thanks Donna!) I received.  I’ve been getting mushy over nativity scenes too. It’s full on y’all.

I’ve been bad about taking belly photos so we took a bunch today. Happy Holidays to you all!



Preparing the nest

Ted’s aunt and grandmother hosted a lovely baby shower for us this past weekend. With each new blanket, sleep sack, and diaper it feels like this baby is a little more real and a little closer to gracing us with his presence. Who knew diapers could be so exciting?  They’re so little and cute!

It felt even more wonderful to be surrounded by such a loving and intelligent group of women who will make up our baby’s community. We know we can lean on them for support and so can our child for many years to come. This is certainly the best gift of all! Thank you Ma and Louise for hosting and for all your support.

Here’s a few photos of our progress as we set up Baby N’s temporary home in our bedroom for those first months. As you can see, the cats are already settled in.

Rex and Rose check out the pack and play

A mixture of new toys and old toys -- and the first outfit we bought for Pancake early in our pregnancy

nursery lamp from Missy

baby's first diapers!

Little Boots snuggling up with Emily's handmade blanket and pillow in the hand-me-down Nathanson/Slaven moses basket

Pancake’s photo shoot: 20 weeks

While our fetus was only known to us as an “it”, we named that it Pancake. Here’s some of Pancake’s photos from our 20-week ultrasound.

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