Adventures along the journey to parenthood

Daily Blessings

This is simply a place where I can collect daily reflections on gratitude. Amid all the bustle and trivial worries, it helps to remind myself of the incredible blessings I have – I am so, so, so thankful.

6/5/13: 1. Watching my belly dance around as my daughter kicks and moves. 2. Fans. 3. Laptop. 4. Ted making a delicious dinner. 5. Enjoying others’ accomplishments. 6. Archer charming house guests.

5/27/13: 1. A green, shady backyard. 2. A breezy day and the rustling of wind through the trees. 3. Archer’s reliable 7pm bedtime and the quiet, relaxing hours thereafter. 4. Our front porch. 5. Archer enjoying his stroller rides. 6. Hugs and smiles from my sweet boy.

5/26/13: 1. A husband filled with curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge. 2. The kicks of my baby in the womb. 3. A network of dozens of loving and supportive family members all around around us. 4. Ceiling fans. 5. A pain-free body (as of this moment). 6. Endless clean, delicious water.


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