Adventures along the journey to parenthood

Using a Nurse-Midwife


We’ve planned to have a medication-free (i.e. “natural”) birth at Clark Memorial Hospital all along (after considering a home birth). We originally worked with an OB/GYN, but switched to a nurse-midwife about half way through our pregnancy.

Some reasons include:

– Our OB/GYN has a cesarean rate of 60%. Our nurse-midwife has a c-section rate of 8%.

– Our OB/GYN’s policy is that the pushing stage of labor must occur lying on your back in bed. Our midwife will let us squat, walk, stand, and have more freedom of movement as we labor and deliver.

– Our OB/GYN requires induction at 41 weeks. Our midwife does not require this until 42 weeks.

– Our midwife will spend more time with us during labor and is more welcoming of doula support.

– Our midwife encourages and will help us explore non-medical alternatives to induction or other interventions if they become necessary (but of course will also provide medical interventions as necessary or requested).



A lot of our family and friends have questions about using a nurse-midwife.


One response

  1. Sarah, this is a whole new side to your creativity! Why not educate others while learning from new experiences. Brilliant. BTW are you familiar with the Bradley method? It is a birthing class similar to Lamaze but can’t compare. You will be educated on all aspects of your pregnancy and birth and will feel prepared and confident in having a natural birth.

    November 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm

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